Draconic Fairest haunted by the separation between him and his soul blade


Danyeal was born a draconic Fairest in a family of duelists and weaponsmiths, a union of skills that would benefit Danyeal well in life. As a teenager Danyeal wondered into a dark forest after seeing a small explosion in the distance, as he neared the location of the crash site he felt his body getting lighter and his senses sharper. Looking into the pit of ash and fire he noticed an orb like substance among the burnt wood, thinking it would be hot he prepared himself by wrapping his hands in cloth and pouring water on them. As he lifted the object he immediately felt light as a feather and as strong as an ogre,(although he did not care for ogres that much) he quickly realized the object was cool.
Racing home as speeds he had never reached before excite and joy overtook him, you see Danyeal growing up in a family of famous duelist rarely felt complete or satisfied, he had always carried the burden of his families pride and longed to forge his own path.
After examining the object danyeal a father( a master weaponsmith) declared the object to be a material not of this world but felt non of the sensations danyeal had felt while holding it. After much convincing Danyeals father created him a custom long sword that could be both a broadsword or after a secret maneuver become two blades. Danyeals father did this because Danyeal had yet to pick his speciality as a swordsmen something that his other kin had long done.
When danyeal wielded these blades none was his equal and he quickly made a name for himself over the year as a master duelist in both single and duel wielding. That’s when trouble came knocking, one night while practicing in the very forest he originally found the swords material in Danyeal ran into two cloaked figures. As he engaged them he noticed their speed matched his and in some instances even exceeded his limits. Knowing he could not keep up danyeal maneuvers the blade into is duel wielding finishing more “Dracos Order”, as he prepared the power necessary to complete the maneuver he began to hear mutters in the wind, words he knew nothing of. Soon lettering appeared to be crawling up hid left arm. Hr felt the power drain from him and watched as the lettering continued up his blade.
In the blink of an eye his sword combined back into a broadsword covered in script and the men and his sword vanished with a flash of light Danyeal lost consciousness. When Danyeal awoke he saw his father next to him with blood and a grateful smile on his face. As Danyeal looked where the lettering had crawled up his arm he noticed an amulet drawing all the lettering to int center. Danyeal quickly tried to use his arm and surprisingly could, but at a fraction of his former capability, yet he could sense some of the power still emitting from the amulet into his body. His father explained how he had saved a bit of the metal to make danyeal an amulet as a present for a recent victory he had won in a duelist tournament.
All of a sudden danyeal points towards his fathers dresser as asks what was inside. With a pale face his father opens the drawer showing yet another small piece of the material found by Danyeal a year ago. His father then says it seems the material can detect itself when near, immediately Danyeal explains what had happened to him the night before to his father.
His father then says "It seems that the fate of this material and your fate are intertwined, you must go and search for this threat that attacked you and stole your soul blade(a name his father had given the blade after seeing its unique and amazing effect on his son)
In order to interact with the types that would due such a thing Danyeal ventured off from home and joined the Winters Guard a fellow duelist Todd had been pronounced prince a man Danyeal knew well and a man that feared his talent. With the amulet imbedded in Danyeals left arm keeping at bay whatever nefarious magic continues to try and infect him and a dagger made by his father with a compass at its center made of the material in Danyeals arm he begins his quest. Will he find the creatures responsible for the theft of his blade and the curse placed upon him? Only fate can tell.



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